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Partnership In Education

All School District Employees will get a piece of the PIE with the Red McCombs Partnership In Education Program.  Members Qualify for Special Discounts on New or Used Vehicles, and a 15% discount on Parts and Services for up to $250 from any one of our Participating Dealerships (not in conjunction with any other discount or special).  The McCombs Family also will donate $100 towards your Southside ISD Education Foundation with the purchase of any vehicle from any one of our Participating Dealerships.

A certificate for this donation must be filled out and presented at the time of purchase to be processed.  The certificate can be downloaded by clicking the "Certificate Download" button below. Or ask your salesperson for one.
All School District Employees are required to provide a photo ID or proof of employment to receive all special discounts.  Click on "Particpating Vendors" on the main page to view discounts given to PIE participants.  For more information call or e-mail, ("Contact Us"), Pedro “Speedy” Gonzalez to put you in contact with the Sales Manager of the dealership of your choice.

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Red McCombs is proud to announce the recognition program Partnership In Education (PIE) employee of the month as Rosa Nunez for Southside ISD.
Rosa Nunez
Campus / Work Area Assigned:
Works with all Southside ISD campuses
Job Title:
Years of Service:
Nominated by:
Oralia Lara, Director of Special Education
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Not only is Ms. Nunez a truly committed individual, she also lives in the Southside ISD community.  As a Speech/Language Pathologist, Ms. Nunez provides speech services for all our speech therapists, many of whom are just beginning their careers.  Through the years, she has gone “beyond the call of duty” when it comes to serving our Southside students.  She readily has taken on additional duties and has done whatever it has taken to see that children get the services they need.  Nothing deters her from doing what is best for children.  She is active in her church and community.  This individual is a true advocate for children!
Ms. Nunez has endured many personal challenges most notably when her son Juan fought a valiant fight with cancer from elementary school through his junior year when he passed away just last school year.  Her courage, resilience and peace was an inspirational example to the entire community.  Despite her own personal challenges, Ms. Nunez tirelessly continued to provide the best programming.  In addition to her duties as a speech pathologist, she has taken an active role with our “Child Find” activities.  This involves being active in identifying children in the community that may need Special Education services and involves being comfortable with parents and the community.  She is also actively involved with Assistive Technology which refers to finding ways in which technology can be modified to assist our students needing that extra help.  She has touched thousands of lives, helping children realize their potential and parents come to see the strengths of their children and to believe that great things are possible.
I may not be the best writer, but she is highly deserving of this recognition because of her outstanding expertise, extraordinary commitment and her devotion to those she serves.
Southside ISD Runners up for the PIE Program
1st Runner Up
Nancy Tschirhart-Brooks
Campus / Work Area Assigned:
Southside Heritage Elementary School
Job Title:
Years of Service:
Nominated by:
Cynthia J. Hudson, Principal
Nancy Tschirhart-Brooks came to Southside ISD as Heritage Elementary opened.  She has been instrumental in creating a positive school culture in which every person can be their best self.  Within our school, Nancy has been instrumental in creating and nurturing our student assistance team, which brings professionals together to problem solve issues involving students.  She has also created a thriving character education program, a peer mediation program and a peacekeepers on patrol program to solve student conflict on school buses.  When one of our students was tragically killed in an auto accident, Nancy helped our students channel their grief into action by starting a “Buckle Up” campaign designed to alert parents and students to the importance of being safely transported in their cars.  This campaign resulted in hundreds of car seats being distributed to families throughout the district.  Nancy is rarely celebrated for her accomplishments, yet our school would not be the happy place it is without her.
2nd Runner Up
Traci Barth
Campus / Work Area Assigned:
Freedom Elementary
Job Title:
5th Grade Teacher
Years of Service:
Nominated by:
Esther Neathery, School Counselor
I have had the pleasure of knowing Traci Barth for her entire teaching career.  This is her 6th year in the classroom.  Traci is such a positive force on our elementary campus.  She is currently a 5th grade teacher with 22 students of various educational needs.  Traci has been the Student Council Sponsor since our campus opened three years ago.  Under her guidance, the student council representatives have helped with collecting for Katrina victims, our Thanksgiving Food Baskets, and any other needs that occur on our campus.
In addition to her daily classroom activities, she is also a mentor to one of our new teachers on our campus.  Traci is also part of the Social Studies Writing Curriculum Team for our district.  Traci has had awesome TAKS scores and just provided the staff development for our staff, “Breaking the Code on Reading Comprehension”.
Ms. Barth was a big part of our fund drive for the year providing our school with a substantial profit.  She is also responsible for our “Box Tops Drive” which also provides a cash gift to our school.  Just last week, as a member of our Safe and Drug Free Committee, she assisted in organizing all the week’s activities culminating with our “Red Ribbon Rally”.
She is currently organizing an activity for American Education Week by inviting guest readers to our campus to read to every classroom.
Traci is not a “one hit wonder”.  She was our Teacher of the Year for our campus last year.  She consistently strives to instill in her students the importance of campus and community service and is the perfect role model for her students.
3rd Runner Up
Melissa Boley
Campus / Work Area Assigned:
Southside ACES (Alternative Academic Campus)
Job Title:
Lead Teacher
Years of Service:
Nominated by:
Randall S. White, Principal:  Southside Alternative Center
Melissa is and has been an outstanding contributor to our campus.  She has been instrumental in the development of our new ACES program; which is an academic school of choice for those students at high risk of dropping out of high school.  She has helped design that program and its components and as a lead teacher, has set the path for its remarkable initial success.
Melissa has expanded her qualifications to include all grade Social Studies, speech, English as a Second Language, and Gifted and Talented in order to make sure that our kids are taught by the most highly qualified instructor available.
But, her main strength is her relationships with her kids.  She communicates effectively with each student in ways that are customized for the characteristics of each student.  She helps them to manage their own time and efforts in the most effective way possible.  It is her goal that all students, whatever their background, will become successful under her guidance.
She would be an outstanding choice for this award.

The McCombs Family Thanks all Educators and Employees
for the Hard Work they do on a Daily Basis!
Now in return, McCombs is giving Special Pricing
for New and pre-owned Vehicles!
Tim Stewart
At Invoice on most models Excluding Rousch and Shelby Mustangs, plus any applicable rates.
Alex Lind
At Invoice on most models Excluding Rousch and Shelby Mustangs, plus any applicable rates.
Michael Craddock
$225 below dealer cost on most models plus any applicable rebates.
Abdallah (AJ) Abdelaziz
$225 Below Dealer Cost on most models plus any applicable rates
Mike Buffenbarger
$250 over invoice on most models plus any applicable rates.
Brittney Dupaul
$250 over invoice on most models plus any applicable rates.